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Guided Meditation – Reduce Panic Anxiety and Worry

Guided Meditation

Guided Meditation – Reduce Panic Anxiety and Worry

The general questions about meditation are: How to do Meditation? What is yoga for meditation? How does meditation help? How to do meditation for beginners? What are the benefits of meditation? How to start meditation at home?

Well, you will get the answers to all of these questions and much more in this article.

Definition of the Guided Meditation:

Guided meditation can be defined as a relaxation technique with the help of a Yoga teacher or a Yoga guru. This is especially helpful for beginners who have just started meditation sessions. This is one the most satisfying experiences where you can decrease your anxiety, fears, stress and get to a peaceful bliss and a positive frame of mind.

What is Guided Meditation

Simplification of Guided Meditation Technique:

Guided Meditation is a simple process. You can experience it in a meditation class with the help of a meditation teacher or you can do this at your home with the assistance of a guided meditation recording or a videotape. A hands-free recording is recommended.

General Process of guided meditation

Setup a dim light room, which emits demulcent calming vibes. Put the yoga mat in a fresh and clean area. The ventilation of the air should be good in the room. Wear cozy clothes. Sit in any meditative posture – Sukhasana (yoga pose for beginners) or Padmasana (yoga pose for intermediate and advanced students).

Sit in a comfortable position with back straight, the chin should be parallel to the ground. Facial muscles relaxed and then you listen to the instructor; who will instruct you to relax in an attentive way. It is a successive and slow process, you will notice with enough practice your mind learns to calm and stress, anxiety and fears fade away.

There is an invigorating clarity of mind. When this state is accessed, positive assertions or suggestions are given by the instructor, to take you to a deeper inner journey towards your restless mind. This assists to improve one or more aspects of the student’s life depending upon his or her requirement. Hence, guided meditation can be customized by the teacher as per discrete student requirements. For Instance – Some might require personal acknowledgment or let go attitude. Others might require direction towards positive thinking or approach. Another might need to focus on spiritual development and emotional healing. In many meditation classes, a guided meditation is usually done for about fifteen to twenty minutes; but with longer practice, you can get better and positive results.

Benefits of guided meditation

  • You will get a deeper and fuller experience of calmness and mental peace.
  • With the help of guided meditation, you can unleash your full potential
  • It promotes overall well-being and happiness.
  • Amplify a sense of self and confidence
  • Empowers you to lead a meaningful and more fulfilling life.
  • You will slowly, but surely feel energized and able to handle a difficult situation in life improves.
  • This is the best exercise for beginners yoga students.

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