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Karma Yoga – Learning About Yourself

Karma Yoga

Karma Yoga – Learning About Yourself

Karma Yoga:- You quickly get familiar with your shortcomings while serving others. The world is like a big mirror, it demonstrates you your appalling spots. You see your confinements and downsides; you test yourself in the field. You comprehend your attitudes and temperaments Better than when you’re alone.

You should analyze your motives. Find out what will bring peace and joy to yourself and others. Always analyze in those terms. If you have some sort of emotional or psychological problem, come back, sit down quietly, and analyze the problem. “I went to serve him but got annoyed when he didn’t thank me. Why should I expect him to thank me? That’s not right. Next time, I’ll do the same thing, but I won’t look for thanks.” That way you shape your mind well. By such analysis, you can soon reduce the tendencies that disturb your peace. If you ignore the disturbances and simply try to continue your service, the problems will come back again and again.

Making mistakes is not really bad. We may fall down, but we should get up and walk. An intelligent person will learn something from a mistake, but a fool will make the same mistake again and again. Our failures should be stepping stones to our success. All the great people, the sages and saints, have also fallen many times before they achieved their goals.

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Sometimes, the best test is the thing that you call humble work. You regularly hear how great saints and sages tried themselves in that manner. You may have heard a story about Jesus who washed the feet of his devotees. Great guru Sri. Ramakrishna who went to the ghetto and washed the toilets with his hairs. Great people have done this. So go, take the nastiest, dirtiest job. Keep in mind that you are not carrying out the responsibility for the work as much with respect to yourself. It is easy to simply go sit in a corner and meditate. However, there is another type of meditation that is done in action. During Karma Yoga, you meditate on what you are doing. You watch your mind and emotions. It is a mental training program.

So if you are really interested in helping, you do not need to choose and pick what you want to do. Work is work, wherever and whatever it is. Why should you think that one is a senior and the other is junior? Would you say, “I’ll deal with my eyes, yet not my feet?” All right, you may take care of your eyes and wear decent glasses, but if you want to see something delightful, the legs should take you there. If you do not take care of the legs, you cannot even go there.

For a spiritual searcher, everything is wonderful. It does not make a difference what you do, where you are. From the kitchen to the garden, whether you use an axe or a pen, everything is similarly dignified and all a commendable field for your service.

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