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Right Time to Do Yoga

Right Time to Practice Yoga

Do you wonder too what is the right time to do yoga? Have so many suggestions about the right time to do yoga perplexed you?

Right Time to Practice Yoga

Well, do not worry then, we are going to save you some time and tell you everything about the right time to do yoga.

Precise Time to do Yoga

From the time I remember, I have got various suggestions and advises regarding the best time to do yoga. Some told me it is best to practice yoga early in the morning. Some said evening time is better whereas some said to practice yoga just before going to bed.

There will always be more pieces of pieces of advice than mouths. Therefore do not follow anyone’s advice blindly. I have seen many people who do not do exercise or yoga because they think they cannot make time for it in their morning schedule.

Actually there is no right or wrong time to do yoga. You can do it early in the morning, or in the evening, or at night. In fact you can do yoga at the noon.

Remember, the right time is when you want to do yoga. We all lead different lifestyles so it is not easy to incorporate yoga in a so-called right time. Therefore practice yoga at whatever time you can do it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Doing Yoga at Different Time

Practicing yoga at different time has its own positive and negative effects.

Yoga in the Morning


Doing yoga in the morning is one of the best ways to begin an amazing day. It is helpful physically as well as mentally. The morning practice facilitates the working of the digestive system. It alleviates body pain and stiffness and improves the immunity too.

The regular yoga practice in the morning helps to fight stress, anxiety and fatigue. It keeps you fresh and invigorated whole day.


The body is not worked out early in the morning. You may feel little stiff and rigid in the morning and you might not be able to do poses that fluently.

Besides, if you wake up early in the morning unwillingly feeling lethargic and lazy, you would not be able to do yoga. So, if you are a night owl, morning yoga isn’t for you.

Yoga in the Evening


Many people feel energetic during the evening than the early morning. Yoga practice in the evening helps to release the tension in muscles that gives them relaxation after a long tiring day. Besides, it helps in the digestion of the meals you had during the day. Thus it prevents the conditions of constipation and helps in bowel movement.

Furthermore, it also helps insomniac patients by providing sufficient sleep during the night.


Though yoga helps to get some sound sleep, some might find it hard to get sleep. It is because a good yoga practice invigorates you and makes the mind as well as body super active.

Moreover, many of you probably do not feel like to do yoga in the evening due to a busy day. Your day routine didn’t leave any energy to do yoga. In this case, you can try doing yoga in the morning.

Yoga in the Afternoon

You have hardly heard about doing yoga in the afternoon. It is because it has a very solid reason behind it. As we know, you need to have at least 3-4 hours gap between your meals and yoga practice. Since afternoon is the lunch time (at most of the places), it becomes difficult to practice yoga at this time.

However, if afternoon is the only time you get the time to do yoga, by all means go ahead. Schedule your meals in such a way that there is minimum 2-3 hours difference between your meals because yoga at afternoon is always better than no yoga at all.

Things to Remember

Though you can do yoga whenever you please, there are some points that you should remember for your yoga practice.

  • Do not practice yoga just after you eat your meal. Wait at least for 3-4 hours before practice.
  • If you cannot wake up early in the morning then do it in the evening.
  • If you somehow wake up in the morning but feeling lethargic, sluggish and sleepy, there is no use of doing yoga. It is because you need to be rejuvenated and active to do yoga.
  • The bottom line is, there is no right time to practice yoga. If you feel like to do yoga anytime, you should (though keep track of your meals). There is no standard time. Yoga is the most versatile practice in the world. It can fit at everybody’s schedule.

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