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Should I Take a Yoga Teacher Training Course to Deepen My Practice?

Deepen Yoga Practice

Should I Take a Yoga Teacher Training Course to Deepen My Practice?

If you will just type YTTC on Google, you will get thousands of results for Yoga Teacher Training Course. You will find hundreds and thousands of yoga schools are offering different yoga hour level courses. Later you realize that these yoga schools have so many learners who have enrolled for yoga TTC. Does this question irk you too that do all these yoga learners and students want to be a Yoga Teacher? I mean that would be a huge number of yoga teachers.  Don’t you think? What if you want to practice yoga at an advanced level, should you also take TTC to deepen your practice? Well!! Well!! The only way to find out is to keep on reading guys.

Purpose of YTTC

If we go with the literal meaning of Yoga Teacher Training, it means it trains an individual to be a yoga teacher. It makes them ready to pursue a career as a certified yoga instructor.

WHY YTTC is Popular?

In the last few decades, yoga has been a widespread trend, especially in western countries. Some people take it as a hobby, some are just fitness freaks, some want to achieve enlightenment through spirituality and divinity, or some are just infatuated by it. There is no particular reason for this fad. There are so many people willing to learn and explore the art of yoga and hence the demand of someone who can teach the learners.

The Idea Behind Joining a YTTC

It would be wise to keep in mind that Yoga Teacher Training is primarily intended to make yoga practitioners a teacher. The training is set in order to polish the ability of a learner to teach and instruct yoga. But here is a thing. Not everyone in training programs going to be a yoga teacher or instructor.

If you ever will get the chance to meet people in any TTC program, you will know that everyone has different purposes to join the program. Someone joins it to strengthen their body and soul; others want to get to know more about traditional yogic practices, few want to be perfect in the physical aspect of yoga and some enroll to experience the spiritual aspect. There is no single aspect or phase of yoga, similarly, there is no single idea behind joining a yoga TTC.

Is It for You to Deepen Your Practice?

The answer to this question completely depends on what you want out of your training. If you are someone who wants to deepen their yoga practice, then Yoga teacher training can be apt for you or maybe not.

The reason is the primary goal of TTC is to make them yogic teachers. They follow the teacher training methodology. However, this is not true for each and every yoga school. Some of them encourage yogic practice in a deeper way. They thoroughly educate about the concerned course without the much use of teacher training methodology.

Therefore the key is to find a yoga school that does not just teach the same teaching techniques of yoga but a thorough and profound study of your chosen course.

Perfect Yoga School

Your Perfect Yoga School

To choose your perfect yoga school to deepen your yoga practice (or to learn anything regarding yoga), remember the following points. They will help you to reach your goal:

  • Inquire them about the central theme of their training whether it is practice augmentation or just teaching methodology
  • Do your queries about their course or syllabus
  • Do ask them what practices or lessons would be taught in TTC classes
  • If possible, try to speak one of the chief teachers to get the idea of teachers and the course
  • Preferably, take a few classes before enrolling yourself in a full-time course to get the gist of teachers course and school

Most of the above information would be given on the website of any ideal Yoga Teacher Training Yoga School. If these are not given then asked them through contacts and if they don’t provide all the required information then find the one which will. Do not compromise over anything. You will invest your time and money so you deserve to get the best.

So how to decide whether it is for you or not?

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