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Tips for Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Teacher Training

Tips for Choosing a Yoga Teacher Training

Going to a yoga teacher training is an incredible method to take your training to the next dimension. No matter where you are at on your yoga venture, a yoga teacher training can upgrade your experience on the mat offer to find out about yourself. Yet with Yoga TTCs springing up everywhere in the world, Picking a Yoga Teacher Training that is best for you can be challenging.

We have assembled a few hints to consider about so you can take advantage of your yoga vacation!

Prepare to ground down, unplug and check-in.

Which destination is best for your Yoga Teacher Training?

Location of Yoga TTC

This is likely one of the most significant aspects of your decision-making as it can influence your whole experience. Usually, when we consider yoga teacher training, we consider tropical locations. But do not be tricked, YTTCs are happening all over the world. So if you are not comfortable in warm locations, search for a colder climate that suits you. Whether it is natural or extraordinary, pick a location where you’d want to invest your energy (and cash!).

Inquiries to ask yourself when picking a destination:

  • Would you like to invest energy there outside of the YTTC?
  • Do you need this to serve as your excursion?
  • When you imagine yourself at a Yoga Teacher Training, where do you see yourself?
  • Would you like to see somewhere else on the planet in the meantime?
  • Is it close to residence or far away? (More distant away= greater price)

Plan your Budget:

plan your budget for ttc

Yoga Teacher Training can range quite a bit in price, so it’s imperative to see at what is included before joining the program. Be straightforward with yourself about the amount you can bear. The price of the program may vary according to the season. If you join the YTTC program during the off-season like summer, the price might be low and it also might not be as crowded. The longer the TTC, the more costly it will be.

Inquiries to ask yourself about the financial budget:

  • Is accommodation included in the price?
  • Are the meals included?
  • Are transportation costs included? (flights, transport to/from airport)
  • What extra costs am I in charge of?

What is your Yoga style?

What is your Yoga Style

A Yoga Teacher Training will certainly unite similar individuals in a comfortable setting. From there, the substance is up to you. You will want to choose a TTC that addresses your style of Yoga and any other specific interests around yoga. If you want extra time outside of the physical practice, ascertain that you are in a place that provides extra activities or an area useful to what you want to do. Are you searching for dynamic, therapeutic or reflective? Possibly none of these. If you are a committed Ashtanga Yoga practitioner then might be choosing an Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training would be ideal. However, escaping from your comfort zone and attempting a new style of yoga is never an awful thought. Considering what the overall focus of the TTC will be is so significant since most of the time will be spent learning in that space.

*Tip: Read the reviews of an institute to get a better idea of what it’s all about.

Inquiries to ask yourself about the topic:

  • Do you need this to help focus and calm your brain?
  • What's your preferred style of yoga to practice?
  • What are your expectations from this training?
  • What are you searching for in a retreat?
  • Are you looking for clarity?
  • Are you doing it for your wellbeing?

What’s your experience level?

Wherever you are, is the place you should be. However, Joining an advanced Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training when you are simply starting may not be the best though. You will want to discover Yoga Teacher Training that will coordinate with your experience level so you’re enough challenged yet comfortable. All TTCs will specify what style and what level the attendant would benefit the most.

Inquiries to ask yourself about your experience level:

  • How long or years have I been practicing Yoga?
  • How reliable is my practice?
  • My training is progressively physical or more spiritual?

Yoga and an activity:

Yoga is an extraordinary compliment to a diversity of activities. Are you a Sprinter? Surfer? Cyclist? SUP-er? Diver? Interested in looking at how your two interests mix together? Scan for Yoga Teacher Training that offers both.

Inquiries to ask yourself about mixed Teacher Training:

  • In what activities I am more interested outside the Yoga?
  • Does this extra activity expect me to bring additional gear?
  • How much time is committed to yoga? To the other activity

Is Yoga Teacher Training is well rounded or just Asana (physical) practice?

The physical part of yoga is only one small sliver of the all-inclusive practice. It is up to the individual teachers the amount of this information they share with you during the physical practice. Some teacher training will cut out devoted time outside of class to teach you more about the ancient philosophy. If this is important to you, search the TTCs that offer knowledge and don't hesitate to contact the teacher early for more information.

Inquiries to ask yourself about instruction:

  • Do they provide workshop-type sessions or classes to know more about the practice?
  • Do you want to know more about yoga beyond the Asana (physical) practice?
  • Do things like meditation and chanting make you awkward?
  • What would you be learning about explicitly in addition to your yoga classes?

Yoga Teacher Training is a great way to reconnect with what’s important to you and knowing about yourself. Have you been to one that you would return back to? Share your experience with us at yogattcglobal@gmail.com, we will publish it to our website!

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