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Yoga as a Career

Yoga as a Career

Yoga as a career is a great option for those who practice, live, and breathe yoga. Mostly, unlike other professions, people choose yoga as a career because they love it and want to do this their whole life.

Yoga as a Career

Let us discuss some points that will show how yoga is a great career alternative.

Scope in Yoga

As you must be aware, yoga is a growing field with thousands of people joining yoga annually across the globe. This is due to the reason that everyone is becoming health conscious, or aware of their body, or wants to connect spiritually, and so many reasons.

However, the point is people probably have different reasons to join yoga but they all want to learn it.

There are already so many businesses going on in the name of yoga. For instance, clothing industries are making millions of bucks out of yoga clothing line range for every gender. Besides, there are yoga props to enhance practice in the gym, fitness centers, etc where they offer yoga with regular workout.

All I want to convey that yoga has great scope as a career and it will only flourish in the future.  Moreover, it is a thousand years old practice. If it can survive this far, it will definitely exist in the upcoming thousand years.

In the following sections, we are going to know about career opportunities in yoga.

Career Opportunities

There are multiple career opportunities in yoga. Based on your yoga training, you can opt for any suitable career option.

As a yoga instructor

You can work as a yoga instructor after completing your training. There are so many openings for yoga instructor in fitness studios, gyms and health centers. Furthermore, you can start your own fitness studio or you can work as a freelancer. Initially working as a freelance instructor helps to improve your practice as well as your training methods.

As a yoga teacher

Or else, you can be a yoga teacher. In case you are confusing yoga instructor with a yoga teacher then don’t. 

The job of a yoga instructor is to instruct the students about the alignment of poses while performing them along with the students. Whereas a yoga teacher teaches the students, observes them, correct their poses and give attention to every student. A yoga teacher might show how to do a certain asana but mostly heshe work off the mat.

A yoga teacher can teach in yoga schools and other schools that have yoga as the subject. However, to become a yoga teacher, you will have to join a yoga teacher training of at least 200 Hour.

As a yoga therapist

Yoga therapy supports the assimilation of mind, body, and soul by using yoga asanas, breathing exercises, and meditation. In addition, it also improves the overall health at physical as well as mental level.

Thus yoga therapist is a great career option if you like to aid and heal people. It is absolutely a growing field in the world where anxiety and depression are becoming common day by day.

Yoga therapy also includes physical therapy, psychotherapy or rehabilitative therapy, so you can choose what works best for you.

Besides, yoga’s approach has extended so much that it is almost everywhere such as in resorts, big companies, and organizations, or personal yoga trainer. You can work at any of these places.

Remain Loyal With Your Practice

There is a rising demand for Yoga trainers in various sectors. However, it is very important to remain loyal to your practice. You will make a successful career in yoga only if you are consistent with your practice.

Remember, do not make money making your primary goal while you practice yoga and think about making a career in it. Always keep practicing and improve yourself because only the best and proficient practitioner gets satisfaction in what heshe does.

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