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Yoga for Lazy People

Yoga for Lazy People

Do not tell me you never thought about yoga for lazy people!

Yoga For Lazy People

We all have been lazy for some days or months or for the much part of our life. Something doesn’t let you get up from the bed and kickstart your day. Well, as we always say yoga is for everyone. Yes! Even for the lazy folks.

Today we are mentioning some yoga postures that you can do even when you are feeling quite lazy.

Yoga Poses for Lazy People

The following poses are of the kind that can be done in the bed too when you don’t feel like to get up, not that it’s an ideal way to do yoga but it is not bad either!

The major benefit of doing below mentioned yoga poses is that it rejuvenates body in a way that you get up refreshed rather than sleepy and drowsy. Besides, the yoga postures give a good stretch to your whole body. These yoga asanas releases strain from shoulders and also make your body feel more active in comparison to no yoga at all.

So let’s get started. Shall we?


  • Lie down on your back and take your arms up
  • Next, put your left palm and left ankle above the right palm and right ankle respectively
  • Now shift your body slightly towards the right making a curve like a banana
  • Make sure you do not move your butts from the ground
  • To release the pose, bring your legs to the straight position and arms down

Reclined Twist

  • Rest on your back and exhale whilst smoothly pressing the lower back on the floor
  • Subsequently, contract your abdominal muscles, inhale and after that bend your knees as you lift the feet off the ground
  • Breathe out, and stretch your arms perpendicular to your body
  • Then bring the knees and feet together and next while inhaling, elevate your feet a little above the knees
  • Breathe out and lower the legs to your left side
  • After that, slightly turn your head while respiring deeply and slowly. Keep in mind to root down the right shoulder in a way that it helps you to support a twist in your upper spine
  • Hold the pose as long as you can
  • Next, to leave the pose, press your hands against the floor and contract the muscles in the abdomen. Afterward breathe in, move your torso up and your knees over the chest and hold them
  • Breathe out once more and gradually release the pose

Legs Up the Wall Pose

  • First, breathe out and lie down on your back close to a wall in a way that the feet face upwards and the legs push against the wall
  • Bear in mind that the upper body should stay on the floor in way that it makes a 90 degree angle
  • Next, elevate your hips with the help of your hands or make use of any prop to give the support
  • Now try to keep your upper body immovable
  • Next, close your eyes and respire
  • Hold this position for at least 2-4 minutes
  • Then progressively release the pose, turn over to any side, take some breaths and sit


  • Rest on your back and keep a few inches distance between the legs
  • Next, keep your arms alongside your body, and ensure both the palms are facing up
  • Now be completely relaxed and calm
  • Then, shut your eyes and take deep breaths but slowly
  • Now try to focus on every region of your body from head to toe. It implies that you are knowingly providing relaxation to the body
  • Believe and feel that your body is calm and relaxed
  • As soon as you feel relaxed, release the pose

All the poses are quite simple yet effective. It is always better to do any type of yoga than no yoga at all. Do try these poses when you do not feel like to put much effort and energy into your regular yoga practice. 

Besides, anyone can join yoga teacher training to understand and practice yoga more efficiently.

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