Yoga in Rishikesh India

Yoga in Rishikesh India

Our registered yoga Ashram is located in one of the sought-after Rishikesh tourist places recognized as spiritual towns in India, located at the base of the Himalayan Mountains and snuggled by the Ganges River Yoga in Rishikesh India. Rishikesh is a favorite hub for religious pilgrims from all over the world. Often referred to as “the birthplace of yoga in Rishikesh India”, offers the perfect environment for you to completely immerse yourself in the yogic lifestyle. Rishikesh is fabulous for serene, relaxed and quiet surroundings as compared to other areas of India. Here, when you walk through the streets you will observe many devotees and sadhus (holy men) in orange robes who have devoted their lives to elevating their consciousness level through spiritual practice. Rishikesh attractions are more of a pilgrimage spot for both Indians and foreigners alike who would like to experience the more spiritual side of Northern India.

Why is Rishikesh suitable for yoga vacations?

Recognized as the Gateway to the Garhwal Himalayas’ and ‘Yoga Capital of the World‘, one of the highlights of visiting Rishikesh is the Ganges River. The Ganga has been a source of great spiritual healing and power for the people of India for centuries, with the best part of our Yoga Center is a 15-minute walk to the famous Laxman Jhula bridge, attracting thousands of visitors each year established on the sacred Ganges River flowing through the center of Rishikesh.

During your Yoga in Rishikesh India trip, you have this nice opportunity to witness Holy Ganges Ma with few meditation and asana classes on the beaches of this holy river yoga, to derive energy and peace that emanates from this body of water creating a sense of serenity. In addition during warmer weather, we often take river rafting trips on the Ganges as well. It is written in many Hindu scriptures about the healing powers of Ma Ganges, and that if one cleanses their body in her waters, they are cleansed of all past karmas. The Ganga has been a symbol of Indian culture for thousands of years, and it is available for you to experience daily during our Yoga in Rishikesh India. Our courses held at Yoga Niketan Yoga Ashram see in Rishikesh enhance the pleasure of learning yoga spiritualism through the traditional yogic forms of Hatha Yoga. The yoga curriculum course is taught under the guidance of well qualified senior yoga teacher offering an out-of-the-box learning experience to the yoga practitioner.