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Yoga Postures to Remove Laziness

Yoga Postures to Remove Laziness

Today, we are telling you about basic yoga postures to remove laziness.

Yoga Posture to Remove Laziness


Our last blog was about yoga for lazy people. We mentioned some yoga postures that can be practiced on your own bed if you don’t feel like to get up. However, we do not recommend being lazy and practicing those asanas only. Therefore, today we are mentioning some yoga asanas that can be practiced for only 20 minutes and it will help you to get rid of your laziness. Once you will commence enjoying your yoga practice, you will certainly feel the tremendous change in your lifestyle.

How Yoga Can Remove Laziness

Well, you must be aware of how beneficial yoga is for everyone. In a similar way, it is quite helpful in removing laziness. Laziness occurs due to various reasons and regular practice of yoga helps to deal with all those things.

Following points will probably help you to understand how yoga can remove laziness.

  • Increasing weight can be one of the reasons of being lazy and lethargic. So yoga asanas help to lose weight and maintain a healthy body.
  • Sometimes, people don’t feel strong enough to do any sort of physical movement. Therefore yoga helps to provide strength and make the core of the body strong.
  • Low energy is one of the most common reasons to be lazy and yoga practice can rejuvenate and invigorate your body. It boosts the energy levels in the body.
  • Besides above points, indigestion, improper sleep, anxiety, fatigue and low immunity etc are some of the causes of being idle and sluggish. All of these can be reduced and removed by the practice of yoga.

Yoga Postures

Initially if you feel lazy, to practice too many yoga asanas might be too much for you. Therefore we are mentioning only the major 4 yoga postures that can be practiced by anyone which will help to remove laziness. So, here we go!

Cobra Pose

  • Start with lying on your stomach with the toes forehead resting on the ground
  • Keep your legs close as one, with the feet and heels slightly touching each other
  • Rest your hands under the shoulders with palms down, keeping your elbows parallel and close to your upper body
  • Take deeper breaths, raise your head, chest, and abdomen at a snail's pace, while keeping your navel on the ground
  • With the support of your hands, draw your upper body back and off the ground
  • Stretch to the degree that your feet remain together
  • Hold the pose for few seconds, and afterward smoothly return to the opening position

 Tree Pose

  • To begin with, stand straight with an upright spine
  • After that, place the base of one of your foot on the opposite inner thigh
  • You can keep the base of your foot either above or below your knee
  • Join your palms as in Añjali Mudrā whilst staying in the position
  • Hang on to this pose for few seconds then come back to the first position
  • Do again at least 3-6 times

Diamond Pose

  • Kneel down and bend your legs toward the back as keeping them together
  • You should be sitting in a way that your butts and thighs are positioned against your heels and calf muscles respectively
  • After that breathe in, put both the palms on the respective knees and look ahead
  • Now while you breathe, pay attention to your every breath
  • If you want, you can close your eyes too to be more focused and attentive
  • Stay in the pose as long as you can

Low Plank or Four- limbed Staff pose

  • First of all, take the plank position
  • Exhale and bend your elbows, then try to keep the lower body near the floor without touching it
  • Make sure your body is parallel to the floor, your legs inward, and there is sufficient space between the shoulder blades
  • Keep in mind that your neck should be in sync with the rest of body
  • Also, keep pushing your palms firmly on the floor
  • Hold this position for as long as you can
  • After that release the pose, exhale and rest on the floor

Once you start practicing yoga and enjoy it, you can join a yoga studio to be more efficient in your practice. If you want to go deeper into your practice, you can join yoga teacher training too.

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