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Yoga Retreats and Workshops in Rishikesh India

About Our Yoga Retreats and Workshops in Rishikesh India

Chandra Yoga Meditation Ashram offers yoga retreats and workshops in Rishikesh India. Our retreats make one feel young again as a result of a perfect mix of spiritual Indian tradition in a comfortable and spiritually-charged environment.

Best Yoga Retreats Workshops in Rishikesh India

We offer yoga retreat vacation with an amazing chance to spend your time in a beautiful and calm yoga retreat destination. So you can utilize your break in the serenity of India. Our locations help maximize the effects of high-quality classes and take you to the depth of the yogic lifestyle.

Chandra Yoga Meditation Ashram offers a great start to embark on your yoga journey with exceptional yoga retreats and workshops under the guidance of well-qualified yoga instructors.

Our yoga retreats and workshops in Rishikesh include vegetarian yoga diet which will rejuvenate, liven up your soul inside the beauty, mystique, serenity of Rishikesh and you learn while having a laugh and taking care of your body.

What do you get?

Multiply your yoga experience and practice with a spacious and mountain-view yoga hall that has a calm surrounding effect.

Our yoga retreats and workshops in Rishikesh incorporates yoga benefits with spiritual exploration by connecting mind, body and soul. Therefore, We provide a variety of classes to improve your mental, physical, and spiritual well-being. In addition, We provide you with a remarkable experience and delivers exceptional yogic principles in the form of yoga Vidya under the guidance of qualified and experienced yoga teachers.

Yoga practitioners and enthusiasts gain a well-rounded understanding and insight through daily yoga lessons in the perfect atmosphere of the spacious Sadhna Hall or the meditation hall.

best yoga retreats workshops in Rishikesh India

Please see our schedule for yoga retreats and workshops in Rishikesh India to see a range of programs from beginner to advanced levels with Yoga Teacher Training certifications or contact us directly to custom design one of your own. Our retreats are available year round, at any time that you are available to participate. Our all-inclusive retreats are offered in 1 and 2-week duration and can be adjusted to fit any schedule.

Upcoming Yoga Retreats

Yoga Retreat Dates

12 July: Total Seats 10
12 August: Total Seats 10
12 September: Total Seats 10
12 October: Total Seats 10
12 November: Total Seats 10

Venue: Chandra Yoga Meditation Ashram
Village- Ganga Bhogpur Malla,
Rishikesh - Cheela Dam Road, Rishikesh,
Uttarakhand 249306, India

Price: $350 (Accommodation + Meals Included)

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